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36.264, 29.972   

Myra (ou Myre) est une ancienne ville de Lycie sur le fleuve Myros, située sur le site de l'actuelle ville turque de Demre en Anatolie. La ville de Demre comptait 15 972 habitants en 2007. Outre le tourisme, la principale activité économique repose sur la production de fruits et légumes des environs (citrons, grenades et cultures sous serres). © Wikipédia

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YqcLa18WN3 Dear Bee,what a heartening post :-).. When I came home tgnioht, I thought, oh, it's Nikolausabend, I should put my boots in front of the door ;-). Nikolaus is a really beautiful tradition.By chance, when I was at my mother's place this weekend, we had visit from my aunt and uncle who live in the Netherlands. We talked also about Nikolaus, and my aunt told us that Nikolaus, or as he is called in Dutch, used to bring gifts and toys to the children, and that there were no presents at christmas - all gifts were brought by Sinterklaas on Nikolaus eve. To see the Dutch kids, Nikolaus comes by ship from Spain, for some reason, and he is accompanied by the , who is definitely politically incorrect ;-). Funny thing, I was once in February in a small town in Friesland called , and completely puzzled because of all the christmas decoration and photos of Sinterklaas around. There was the local story that Sinterklaas had forgotten the gifts for the kids of Grouw, so he had to sail back to Spain, and the poor kids had to wait until February for their presents...My mother told me the quite crazy story that Nikolaus is now buried in in Italy, where his remainings were brought (stolen is more appropriate) by the locals to foster tourism (then called pilgrimage). But his thumb is not in Bari either, because some poeple in Lorraine in France wanted also their share of regional development, and so it can now be found in , a small town of next to Nancy, with a . But that are not the stories one should tell to childern ;-)...Best, stefan QBrToHWkC